Informations about my teachings and healings will appear in this sequence.

  1. Learn to Love You - Private sessions/Therapy
  2. Happy Yoga - Private sessions
  3. Energy Healing - Remote Energy Healing
  4. Private Retreat in Bali
  5. Motivation / Education - public speaking.

Learn to Love you

Is my unique Therapy, developed after decade of studies and work with people. 
I educate you on how to love yourself which is the most important learning you go about, how to rise your awareness and I coach with my intuitive guidence. There are twelefe tools you learn and work on your own, inbetween the sessions and these methods will transform your self-esteem, vison, believe, courage and ideas. 

Each session is a private 90 minutes on Skype.
Or in a meeting if you are in my neigborhood. Ubud Bali Indonesia

In these 90 minute sessions,  we will go through your worries and obstacles, difficult life experiences and habits learned in your youth.  Gently unpacking the areas and patterns that are no longer serving you. And putting in practice new way of living and being.
You will figure out your unique qualities, the meaning of your life and how to live it with passion and experiencing the bliss.

Maybe your life is great, but there is something you cant put your finger on what it is - missing in your life - its like you have it all, and of course you wont allow yourself mention it to your people that you feel like there ought to be something more to life.
When you realize your elements, aptitudes and wisdom, everything becomes so right and you dont feel this missing somthing.

Some of your stories and troubles will go through a healing prossess when you start to share and talk about them in a different way. When you feel the confidence that makes you dig deeper into the truth and releaze them from your system.

For more information and to book your private session, send me an e-mail at

You will understand how every situation and person in your life is teaching you something about yourself. And when it makes you feel bad somehow those are not ment to hurt you or leave you hopeless or week - they are the most valuable teachers you meet in life and you will learn how you can grow and develope your potency each time you front these situations. From now on you will see things from a different perspective and learn from everything and everyone.  You might have heard  "we learn the most valuable things from the mistakes we do"

Maybe you think, that the way you are now is just the way you are ! But You will see how you are repeating lessons, habits, others people opininons and what you learnd in your youth, when you were unable to discern what was right and good for you. That is how you have developed patterns and confort zone which you are stuck in now. And you will do this repeatings until you are able to comprehend who you really are.
Enormous freedom and change you will encounter.

Then you can start to create your own life.
Yes you werent ment to spend your life seeking yourself - you are ment to crreate yourself.

By releasing how life have brought you to where you are now, makes it easyer for you to go through the changing you couldn imagine you were able to do. It will give you a profound and cathartic opportunity to evolve, grow and advance in every aspect. You will bring forth your strenght.

Your relationships will become greater with like minded people. You might find yourself jumping on new opportunities with strong believe and courage.
Your actions will be in more harmony with your thoughts and you will also learn that what you put out there, your thoughts and intentions, comes back to you like a boomerang.

Then first, you can take full responsability for your life. You are aware of how you feel, what you want and how you can get there.

Isn´t it amazing ?
This is a way out of suffering and into a more deeply fulfilling life. This is your personal journey, a step by step to the ultimate truth, love, joy and peace.

This gives you inspiration to embrace all that you've attracted and how significant your role is in shaping your live and the world around you. There is no one to blame and that will give you the most freedome you can imagine.

From now on you can count on yourself. You are the one incouraging you, building you up, loving you and supporting you.

You have a specific path laid out for any given lifetime … certain lessons that you are to learn, certain qualities that you are to develop, certain past life issues that you are to resolve. Developing you inner resources, including you intuition and even possibly psychic ability, provides you with a firm foundation for making informed decisions, taking informed actions, and developing as individuals on both the physical and the spiritual planes.

This is a learning and practicing prosess. And like always "Practice makes the perfect"

*You will engages to your life and fall in love with yourself
*You will increase your self-confidence and courage
*You will practice positive and inspiring thoughts and attitude
*Your awareness and consciousness will increase
*You will learn to understand the connection between your body. mind and spirit and how you can change your physical pain and dis-ease by thanging your mind and feelings.
*You will get to know your unique qualities, abilties, wisdom and essence. When you  know how to use them you will be more often in the FLOW.
*You will believe in yourself
*You will see how important you are to the universe, taht your life has a meaning and purpose
*You will learn techniques that brings you to places of beauty, bliss and bounty.

For more information and to book your private session, send me an e-mail at

By repetedly betraying oneself we become insecure never knowing if we will stand by ourselves. We might have desided many times to do something we believe would make us feel better. But not making it happen because we dont have the cougrage, stamina, enough love for ourselves nor do we value ourselves enough.
Even in all kind of difficult situation we front in life, we push us more down with negative inner talk and a feeling of not deserving or not be capable in the arena. 
I am not enough plays a strong role in many peoples life.

Is there something in your life you´ve bin postponing for a long time or ignoring ?

You will find the strenght to further your journey within, exploring all your emotional, mental, physical  and spiritual threads.

You will get to know who you are, what you are ment to be in this life time and that makes you realize your passions, intution and the fundamental longings of your heart and soul.
Through the guidance and coaching i will assist you in understanding more and help you step into your full potential.
You will learn techniques and projects to work on between our sessions and by working on them you will build your awareness and consciousness, confidence and courage.
You will be able to make your dreams and wishes come true and have your life filled with magic and wonder.

You will be able to allow yourself to live a balanced and loving life, and in so doing, discovering that you actually knew this all along. Yes I am sure you do.

All information will be treated as sacred and confidential and with respect.  Honouring and allowing your choice to reclaim your power and sense of joy and valueing your process fully for us both to learn from.

For more information and to book your private session, send me an e-mail at
All sessions are on Skype.

Each 90 minute session $150,-
One payment - Special Price for the whole Therapy 12 sessions $1.600,-

Happy Yoga

For tutorial I reccomend 90 minutes per session.
Sessions on Skype - Yes the Thecnology can fly me to every home on this planet. It´s so wonderful and you can have your private teaching and gudings in the comfot of your home.

Happy Yoga is a therapeutic and joyful workout which strengthen and energizes your body and increases awareness and harmony.

I am the founder of Happy Yoga. I bring together all my studies from Chinese medicine, Cranio sacral and Energy Healing into this extraordinary practices and I explain and enables you to understand the body language and how you can heal pain, disease, dysfunction and problems on your own.

It’s a unique approach which emphasize on improving your happiness and wellness. I will bring your focus on enjoying the sessions by using the breath to open your heart, mind and body and loving you the way you are right now. Happy Yoga is not about how far you can go, its core education is on the importance of doing, repeating and believing.

The exercises are a combination of familiar postures ( asanas ) performed in motion with challenging resistance. It aims to bring both sides of the body in balance, the function of your organs and establish a empowering mind. Every morning you witness yourself achieve extraordinary things in your practice.

From the traditional Chinese medicine we have the meridian-system. Each meridian is a vessel and a energetic supply for an organ. In Happy yoga we work with the group of muscles of each meridian. Each exercise strengthen your organs and their ability to function effectively, which in return keeps you healthy and dynamic.
The organs and muscles holds blocked emotions in your body and by practicing Happy Yoga you will release these emotions, pains and restrictions from your body.

I will help you understand where you keep your blocked emotions, and explain how you can release them from your system. Simultaneously it will enhance joy, positive aspects of your character, mobility, connection with your heart and spirit and rejuvenation.

90 minute Private session through Skype
One payment for 10 sessions $990,-

Divine Energy Healing - Remote Energy Healing.