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With all my heart I welcome you to my website.

My name is Guðbjörg Ósk

I am the founder and creator of the dynamic Therapy 'Learn to Love you'

I believe life is supposed to be amazing.
If your life isn't wonderful please allow me to help you with whatever is troubling you.
Would you like to get rid of anxiety, pain or other disturbances ?
Do you think life could be better than you are experiencing now ?
Are you searching for a meaningful life ?
In the Therapy 'Learn to Love you' you will figure these things out. I will help you find your purpose, peace and happiness.

Whatever stage you’re at in your life journey, the Therapy 'Learn to Love you' will be an experience off a single most powerful and personal way to break free from your struggles, reach your inner power and abundance in all spectrums of your life.
I have more than 10 years of experience in consulting and coaching people from all walks of life. I have outstanding ability to create an eye-opening, highly interactive educational experiences with my clients.

And I offer different approaches and variety of treatments to abundance, happiness, wellness and  more love.

*I use Awareness coaching and intuitive guidence in my unique Therapy 
"Learn to Love You"  which is a teachings and guidence personlaized for you. 
*Energy healing 
*Remote Energy Healing.
*Happy Yoga.
*On -line courses
*Motivational speaking for groups and companies. 
*Private Retreats in Bali

It doesn't matter where you are on this Planet earth, all these teachings and healings, I can do on Skype.

You can join me in my wonderful Retreat in Bali Indonesia or wherever you would like to transform your life. In my retreats you get axess to all my teachings, healing, coaching and joy. It is a unique way to start a new life in your  private retreat. Make your life Magica and wonderful.

For more information about my teachings and Retreats, go to the English link on the left.

Just to see who I am..
May I also introduce you to my Like-page - www.facebook.com/gudosk
Every day you will find new inspirations, informations, guidence and happy things to do,  please like it now. Jump in to your new life.

I guess its not a coincidence that you are here. I believe you are searching for a complete rejuvenation or a way to beginn transform your life. In this fast going life and our multi-tasking society,  with too many stimuli and distraction, so many people find themselves lost. It is always more and more difficult to keep focus on your passions and following your heart, dreams and intuition.
Here you find a way out of suffering and into a more deeply fulfilling life. You will be gently guided to a life you can celebrate avery day.

Everywhere and everyone tells you what is best, and what you have to have and do, to feel good. Advertisement are everywhere and they incline that your life will not be good or better unless you buy the product.
In our insicurity we believe more in commercials and what others think say and do and easily find ourselves so frustrated and unsattisfied after following their guidens.  And that is the most controversial part in our lifes because that means that there is people out there which believes more in what you are saying and doing , since you are "others" for them,  while you believe more in what they are saying and doing. It isn't easy to try to live somebody elses dreams. So the best thing you can do for your self is to get grounded, focused and trust in yourself.

And the only person who really should be listening to YOU is you - yourself.
I am so grateful to see you here. You must have followed your own intuiton now.
Because here you will learn how to listen to your heart, understand your intuition, use your qualities and find your passion and purpose.

Whether you want to feel and look younger, have more energy, and learn how  to live a more happier, healthier and meaningful life. Have more self esteem courage and be more exited. You have to overcome pain, trauma, heartbrake or other turmoil. Or if you just believe life has something more to it ?
Smile with your heart. You have found it.

Yes I can assure you that your life has a profound purpose and you will find the right method here that will bring you closer to your higest good, feeling good or change your life completely. You are about to shift and transform your life into a magical every day experiences full of miracles and wonderfulness.

Here you can explore different ways to become the magnifisent being you were ment to be in this lifetime. You should be exited - your life will never be the same again.

After one private session with me or simply following one 4 week long happyness course via e-mail,  you will learn and practice a new way of being, thinking and perceiving every aspect in your life. The people, situations and how you feel right now is all about to take new directions, you will love.

*You can choose between short and easy courses which you get  straight to your inbox,
about   "How 2 Feel Good"  or  "How to Create Great Health and Abbundant life"
These courses are kind of, do it on your own. It is an simple and easy way to start and see how it feels to change.  Take a look at the "English"  link - you will find more informations about them.

Send me an e-mail on osk@osk.is and we will find the right time and the right course for you to begin with.

Do you know that life is supposed to be Great ? And you were ment to be graceful and on daily bases you should feel very greatful happy and in harmony...
But maybe you dont you have some obstacles and barriers which you dont know how to overcome ?
Or you just dont know how to start your glorious journey ?
For most of the people they are affraid of failure and mistakes. So many are feeling hopeless and frustraited and have cultivated the believe that they cant change or have a joyful life. In my work I have seen everybody change, become better, more exited, happy and blossom like the most beautiful Rose you have ever seen.

Would you like to fall in love with yourself ?

**Then I am sure you will take off and fly happier after the first  private session in the therapy  "Learn to Love Yourself"   

First of all we will discuss and go through which detours you are struggling with. 
What is causing you chaos, dis-ease and uncertainty. Is there some aspect in your life leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unable.
*You will learn how life works differently than you think right now.
*You become more happy.
*You will learn to understand the connection between the body, mind and spirit.
*How to break up thought patterns that are causing you pain or dis-ease.
*You will understand every person and every situations in a more easy and acceptible way.
How everybody and everything is a precious lesson instead of pushing you down.
*You will practice Loving yourself every day, how wonderful do you think that is going to be?
*And you will find out what makes you get into your Flow ( see explanation )
*You will realize who you are,  and what your purpose is, and by realizing that you get rid of the negativity in your head and the gnawing feeling that you should be doing something, saying something or feeling somthing different.
*You become light and exited every day and more and more.
For more information about "Learning to Love Yourself" go to the English link to the left.

>Flow also called "Optimal experience" is a concept developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
"the holistic experience that people feel when they act with total involvement"
“… flow – the state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience itself is so enjoyable that people will do it even at great cost, for the sheer sake of doing it.”

It doesnt matter where on this planet you are since you are here on the planet...
We can meet on Skype. And you will totally love it.

More about why and how I started my journey of glory and love. Hope you will understand that your story is very important unique and the world is waiting for you to realize the meaning by it all.

“Remember you are the director of your life create the film you love the most" !
Please send me an e-mail for more informations or if you need some advice osk@osk.is

I love to help people discover and realize their unique  beauty, quality, talents and abilties.
Taking one step at a time to become the magnificent being every one is supposed to be.

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Guðbjörg Ósk heiti ég höfundur þerapíunnar 'Lærðu að elska þig' sem er nú fáanleg sem netnámskeið og einkatímar.

Það er örugglega engin tilviljun að þú ert hér akkúrat núna. Ég býst við að þú sért að leita að meiri fyllingu hamingju og velgengni. En það er akkúrat það sem ég kenni.
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Ef þú ert að takast á við erfiðar minningar, lítið sjálfstraust eða langar til að upplifa að lífið er eitthvað meira en að vinna borða sofa þá finnur þú lausnir og leiðir hér.

*Viltu byrja rólega þá skaltu smella þér í fjarþjálfun í How 2 Feel Good eða Farsæld, Heilbrigði og Vellíðan sem eru lauflétt og skemmtileg netnámskeið auk þess sem þú getur núna tekið hið 23 vikna net-námskeið 'lærðu að elska þig' á þeim hraða og tíma sem þér hentar. Þú færð öll gögn send til þín, leiðbeiningar, verkefni, hvatning og fróðleikur koma á póstfangið þitt - einföld og stórkostleg leið til að byrja á auðveldan og þægilegan hátt að gera breytingar til hins betra í lífinu.  Þú gerir þetta á þínum hraða og eftir þinni getu.
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***Það er ólýsanleg upplifun að koma í einkatíma eða ráðgjöf og um leið og  þú ert tilbúin til að vera meira til staðar fyrir sjálfa/n þig, vera meðvitaðri og taka fulla ábyrgð á lífinu þínu, losna við neikvæðar tilfinningar og auka sjálfstraustið.  Þá ættir þú að gefa þér þá stæðstu gjöf sem þú getur gefið þér að "Lærðu að elska þig"

Í þessum 90 mínútna einkatímum færðu útskýringar á því af hverju lífið þitt er eins og það er.  Þú munt læra aðferðir og fá verkefni sem hjálpa þér að gera þær breytingar sem þú óskar þér og verða sú stórkostlega vera sem þér var ætlað að vera hér. Þegar þú kemst í tengingu við hana þá munt þú upplifa algjört frelsi, frið og fullnægju. Þá fyrst verður þú leikstórinn í þínu lífi og skapar þá mynd sem þú vilt. Í hinu fullkomna flæði sem Mihaly Csikszentmihaly lýsir svo vel í fyrirlestrinum á TED.com

Algjörlega heilög upplifun sem fólk kemst í þegar það gleymir stund og stað í tengingu við eðliseiginleika sína. Ekkert skiptir máli og þú tekur ekki eftir þreytu hungri eða þorsta þú ert í algleymi þar sem ekkert truflar þig. Það er eins og tíminn standi í stað allt víbrar inní þér og þig langar til að vera þarna það sem eftir er.
Kíktu á ; Lærðu að elska þig.

****Viltu kannski algjöra djúpnæringu í litríku umhverfi, sól, heilbrigða næringu, Yoga, Heilun, Lærðu að elska þig, Hugleiðslu, göngutúra, Slökun, Nudd og ég gæti haldið endalaust áfram að telja um gersemarnar sem eru í 7, 10 og 12 daga einka-Retreatum með Ósk eða í hópferðunum 'Yoga og Ást á Balí.
Allra bestu Yoga kennarar landsins liða Yogatímana í sólarupprás.
Þú kemur splunkuný/r heim aftur með svo mikið af fróðleik og næringu líkamlega og andlega að líf þitt verður aldrei eins aftur. Kíktu á ; Balí Retreat

“Mundu að þú ert leikstjórinn í þínu lífi”
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